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All About Aussies


by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor



Book Reviews and Readers’ Comments


Here is what readers are saying about All About Aussies:


Don't get an Aussie without first purchasing this book!!, October 24, 2000 - By John Everett:

The information in this book is vital to enjoying life with your Aussie. This book has helped our family through the purchasing, raising and breeding of our Aussies. Whenever our dogs have been sick, hurt, trained or bred... this book was open. All of the experiences we have had were discussed in detail throughout this book. When we have questions the first thing asked is, "What does "The Book" say?".


We recently had an emergency of our favorite Aussie going through extremely hard labor which was complicated by a very large, breech stillborn. We had this book open the entire time. There were pictures and descriptions of exactly what we were going through! My wife was able to deliver every puppy in the backseat of our car while we rushed to the emergency vet hospital. The first was stillborn, the rest survived. She had to resuscitate each one and was able to save the rest of the litter thanks to the guidance and information in this book!


If not for this book we may have lost the entire litter as well as their mother. This book is priceless. There aren’t enough stars to give this book or its author!


This is the Bible of the breed, May 28, 2001 - May 28, 2001 - By Kristin T. McNamara “maculated” (San Luis Obispo, CA United States):

If you are going to buy one book on this breed, this is the one. Covers everything you've ever wanted to know. Genetics, training, working, in-depth standard analysis, breeding, has photos of past and current greats. A masterpiece.


The breed's 'Bible' - don't be put off by the price! 9 Oct 2001 - Vicky Leighton-Evans (Herefordshire, UK):

One of the truly great breed books. A fascinating and in-depth insight into all aspects of the Australian Shepherd. If you buy only one book on the Aussie then this is the 'must have'. The Author knows her subject inside out and gives an unbiased portrayal of the inherent character and versatility of the breed through a lifetime of breeding, working and showing. This superb book covers in depth, breed history, comparisons of breed standards, structure, gait, breeding, rearing, health, first aid, obedience, stock trials, showing & genetics - nothing has been omitted. Beautifully compiled, illustrated and printed. Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor is a master of her craft.


THE book on Australian Shepherds, July 3, 1998 - By a Customer:

If you want to know anything about Aussies, this is it. There are numerous books out there, but Mrs. Hartnagle-Taylor's is the book to have. While it is a little pricey, it contains everything you'll need. Grooming tips, first-aid, training, genetics, disease information, Aussie specifics, chapters on aging, children, if you want to know it, AAA can tell you. ok is priceless. There aren't enough stars to give this book or its author!


Nothing beats it, September 16, 2002 - By a Customer:

Truly out of all the Aussie books I have gotten my hands on...this truly is one of the best out there. Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor truly understands and loves this breed. You not only learn what Aussies are all about but how to show, herd, and care for them as well. A definite must for anyone who has or wants an Aussie.


Everyone even thinking of breeding Aussies should own it!  July 20, 1999 - By a Customer:

This book is very informative and has many educational sections as well as great pictures. The chapter on Genetics is a must read for any breeder!


The best aussie book written!  January 22, 2004 - By a Customer:

The Hartnagles have been breeding Aussies for a very long time so I'm very glad that a family member took the time to write this book. This book is a necessity for anyone that is thinking about getting an Aussie. It is a must have for all of my puppy buyers. It makes everyone happy- those that just specialize in one discipline or those with versatile Aussies. Great resource!!!


The Aussie Bible, July 15, 2005 - By Truth Be Told:

Unbiased author. Google the whole family and you'll learn that they are the widely acknowledged Aussie experts!


Best complete Australian Shepherd book ever written.  July 15, 2005 - By Aussie enthusiast:

I've read a number of books regarding the Australian Shepherd, but this is the one and only book the covers the Aussie from A to Z. Their newest addition even includes a section on the smaller Aussie that many people have been breeding for over 50 years. Thank you, for not ignoring these wonderful dogs of all sizes. It's about time.


All the basics of the breed, and the show business for Aussies, are thoroughly explained in this 'bible' of detail, January 6, 2007 - By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI - USA):

This is no light coverage from an outsider, but an in-depth survey of the Australian Shepherd breed by a third generation breeder who has been involved in their training and upkeep since childhood. And if ALL ABOUT AUSSIES: THE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD A TO Z sounds familiar, that's because it appears here in a brand new 3rd updated edition which offers not just new photos, but a new chapter devoted to Miniature Aussies. All the basics of the breed, and the show business for Aussies, are thoroughly explained in this 'bible' of detail, highly recommended.

Diane C. Donovan

California Bookwatch

All Inclusive, July 18, 2005 – Laurian L. Jaramillo (Placitas, NM):

What a wonderfully informative book. This book is a must for anyone that wants to really know about Aussies. I hope that people considering purchasing this book won't take the negative reviews that I've seen seriously. They are politically motivated and have nothing to do with the quality and wonderful information in this book.


Big book, but easy reading, November 4, 2006 - By BookThoughts (Fremont, CA United States):

I bought this book as we were researching the Australian Shepherd breed. I found it very helpful and complete. It was also easy reading. I seemed to finish the book in no time at all.


A must read primer of Aussies, June 30, 2006 – By Gary D. Logan:

All About Aussies provides a detailed, basic review which any Aussies owner or prospective Aussie owner will find helpful. While covering everything from breeding to showing, the discussion of the breed standard helped me, a non breeder, understand how the standard fits the function of the Aussie, whether a working dog or family pet. It is an easy read.


A MUST HAVE, October 29, 2006 - By J. Fanning:

This was a wonderful read! It is better than all of the other Aussie books I have put together. Very complete. Good job.


Sticks to breed specifics; want more color photos, September 28, 2007 - By D. Lindgren “academic librarian” (Ashville, NC):

This book was recommended highly, and I was not disappointed! The information coverage is all that I expected and more. So many dog books digress into information that applies to all dogs, but this one sticks to breed specifics.


There is only one thing I would improve in future editions: more photos in color. However, knowing that many of the historical photos were originally in black & white, I would not edit them out... the idea is merely to add more full-color recent photos, especially showing the full range of Aussie activities, trials, games, etc. One can never see too many beautiful Aussies!


The essential Aussie book, March 23, 2007 - By B. Bathke (CO):

Loved all the info and the detailed account of where these amazing dogs come from. As I anticipate the arrival of my first Aussie puppy I have read and reread the puppy portions. I love that they included a chapter on the Mini-Aussie which is what I am getting. They are not some freakish version, only developed by breeding some of the finest smaller Aussies. I will keep this book as a reference forever. A fabulous gift for the Aussie owner.


All About Aussies, November 9, 2006 - By Carol E. Chapman “Aussie admirer” (Knoxville, TN USA):

This book is an excellent resource for the pet owner, breeder and judge. I would highly recommend this book as it is very thorough.


Best Aussie Book I've Read, November 27, 2009 - By Charaine “Evey” (Texas):

This is the most complete book on Australian Shepherds I have ever read. Anyone thinking about getting an Aussie needs to read this book and keep it for reference before purchasing the animal. Anyone already owning an Aussie should read it to learn more about the breed and how to care for their dog. I bought two other Aussie books in the same order. Big mistake. This one was all I needed.


All About Aussies, August 19, 2009 – By Beth A. Rutter “pony girl” (Portage, Ohio United States):

I am a dog lover and a major Aussie (Australian Shepherd) fan. I am also a major fan of this book All About Aussies. I've purchased copies in the past, have since given them away. This was priced right and delivered very promptly by Amazon. Thanks for the good service. I'll be back.


Required Reading for Aussie Owners, March 3, 2009 - By W. Dietrich “WD” (Las Vegas):

All About Aussies is a very comprehensive book. My breeder insisted that I purchase the book before I brought my Mini Aussie home. At first it was very overwhelming, what did I need to know about genetic mutations, and I knew that I would never breed my puppy. However there were some great tips on raising my Aussie and the time line to introduce certain things to the puppy was invaluable. Now that I have had my Aussie for a couple of years, I find that I still refer to the book. It is really packed with useful knowledge and it takes your dog’s lifetime to learn everything you will need to know to raise a happy dog.


If you are looking to get an Aussie or already have an Aussie this is a must read!


All About Aussies The Australian Shepherd From A to Z, November 17, 2008 - By H. Steinhagen “H Steinhagen” (south FL):

The Aussie Bible.....a great book with the answers and not a thing left out. I purchased this book on the recommendation of our breeder....and by far its the best....if your thinking of getting one the standard or the smaller toy....this book is a must have.


Another Winner!, June 21, 2008 - By PBH, Maui Hawaii:

This is the second book I've ordered for my father based on the reviews, and I have another winner! My Dad is tough to by for and I was again thrilled that he was so pleased. He has an Aussie and is delighted with the A-Z content on the breed. Thank you, reviewers, for all your honest impute. It's invaluable.


Australian Shepherd Book of Choice, June 5, 2008 - By T. Gust:

This is the second book I have had. The first one was completely wore out. I am a breeder of Australian Shepherds and there is lots of information about the breed along with activities, health, and breeding. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to expand your knowledge on Australian Shepherds. I recommend this book to many customers that want to learn more about the breed. I tell them that if you want to buy one book then this is the book to get.


All About Aussie; The Australian Shepherd from A to Z, May 2, 2008 - By Dora Fickinger:

I am very pleased with the book. The Hartnagles have been active in the Australian Shepherd industry for generations. This book covers it all, from breeding to when to begin training.


It deserves more than 5 stars! Just one great book., February 19, 1999 - By a Customer:

I have 2 Aussies and this book helped me a lot to bring them up. I think this is a wonderful book and truly an Aussie from A to Z.


I love it!, December 9, 2007 - By K. Bustillos “Bright Eyes” (Alaska USA):

This book really doesn't leave anything out! Very good information. From obedience to advance herding and any type of medical (emergency or day to day) information you might ever need. Just doesn't have the current information on organizations. I would suggest getting "Australian Shepherds" along with the All About Aussies. It is a magazine from the popular dogs series. It has all the current information on organizations and trends.


The Perfect Dog - Australian Shepherds, October 11, 2005 - By Laneda Wall (Austin, Texas):

There is a lot of information in the book. More than I will ever need. I was very disappointed with the lack of color pictures. There were a few but not nearly enough. Still I am glad I bought the book. I can learn a lot from it. The author is as enthusiastic about the Australian Shepherd dog breed as I am.


All About Aussies: The Complete Handbook on Australian Shepherd Dogs, September 06, 2006 - By Edward Waller:

No one has more experience with Aussies than Jean Hartnagle, and her book is still unsurpassed as the authoritative work on the breed. You would have to buy 3 other books to get all the info in this one.


The best Aussie book written!  Jan 23 2004 - By a Customer:

The Hartnagles have been breeding Aussies for a very long time so I'm very glad that a family member took the time to write this book. This book is a necessity for anyone that is thinking about getting an Aussie. It is a must have for all of my puppy buyers. It makes everyone happy- those that just specialize in one discipline or those with versatile Aussies. Great resource!!!


If you are serious about owning an Aussie, get this book!  Jun 24 2003 - By Sharon W. Rankles (North Bonneville, WA USA):

This book is a 'must have' for anyone who is serious about doing anything with Aussies. I have purchased several books over the years which looked interesting, but really gave very little practical information. This book gives detailed information about history; genetics, training, health, and nutrition which are breed specific and which you would have to acquire many books to find. It is truly worth the purchase price!


Nothing beats it, Sep 16 2002 - By a Customer:

Truly out of all the Aussie books I have gotten my hands on...this truly is one of the best out there. Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor truly understands and loves this breed. You not only learn what Aussies are all about but how to show, herd, and care for them as well. A definite must for anyone who has or wants an Aussie.


All About Aussies, April 28, 2010 - Susan Gephardt "Abbimd" (Bel Air, MD.):

All About Aussies is a great book for beginners & anyone else. It has everything you need to know!


All About Aussies: The Australian Shepherd from A to Z, November 30, 2000 - by A Customer / Barnes and Noble:

Breeding is easier and safer with this book! This book has helped and provided me a 15 year old girl trying to understand the Aussies and plans to raise in 2 years; it really has guided us and helped out when we had stuper questions about anything, the book is loaded I don’t know what we would do without it.


Hartnagles' are well-respected authority on Aussies, December 4, 2000 - by A Customer / Barnes and Noble:

If you want an honest-to-goodness how-to book about Aussies, then buy this book. It's a must-have for anyone considering an Aussie or for current Aussie owners. The Hartnagles have been breeding, showing and working their dogs for generations. They have the credentials to back up their information. Check the bibliography. They don't pretend to know, and therefore, write about several other dog breeds. Why? Because they love Aussies, they specialize in them, and that's what they know best.

Jeni Gallichan – Mikatura Aussies (Alberta Canada) 

There are many excellent books written on Aussies. The "bible" is All About Aussies by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and is one that I personally recommend to any Aussie owner. Jeanne's book has more information about Aussies than any other book I've seen and is packed with wonderful photos. All About Aussies retails for around $45.00 and is worth its weight in gold and I believe is a "must have" for any Aussie owner. The Hartnagle family have been raising Aussies, most bearing their Las Rocosa kennel name, for over 40 years and Jeanne is a breeder judge with a wealth of knowledge to share. -

The Western Horseman, December 1985:

Judging by the number of Australian Shepherds seen at any kind of horse event, this breed has to be the most popular with horsemen. And this book will prove to be equally popular.


It’s easily one of the best books we have ever seen. It is incredibly complete, with information ranging from the history of the breed to working and training the stock dog. Also included are chapters on basic training, competing in conformation show and working trials, and genetics, breeding concepts, and reproduction. The book is also liberally illustrated with great photos.


Author Jeanne Joy Hartnagle grew up working Aussies on a Colorado ranch, and she has been a breeder and trainer of these dogs most of her life. She is also an Australian Shepherd Club of America conformation judge. This book, All About Aussies would make a terrific Christmas present to someone who has Aussies.


Bloodlines Magazine, September/October 1985:

Reviewing this book, All About Aussies by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle is a real pleasure. The author has frequently written for BLOODLINES about the Australian Shepherd.


The author came by this breed naturally since her family used Aussies on their ranch in Colorado. Her father, Ernest, is a highly respected stock dog Judge for the breed.


In 1979, United Kennel Club officially recognized the “Aussie.” Since then the Aussies have distinguished themselves at U.K.C. Licensed Obedience Trials.


The main reason United Kennel Club recognized the “Aussie” is because it is a “total dog.” That is, same dog that wins in Conformation Shows and Obedience Trials is also used as a stock dog. This book covers all of these areas and more.


The chapters cover the Conformation of the dog and showing in the ring. It has a chapter on obedience training and the training of a stock dog. “Genetics” of the breed are discussed by Lucia Kline DVM. Everything from bringing the new pup home, general care, grooming, infectious disease and first aid are discussed in separate chapters.


If you own or are considering purchasing an Australian Shepherd, you will want a copy of this book. It is well written by a knowledgeable author and certainly worth the price. - Vicky Rand

Dogs in Canada, 1985:

Even if you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the Australian Shepherd, you might will find All About Aussies by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle to be a most valuable book for the wealth of information between its covers. Other breed books should be this thorough! The chapter on gait is the best I have ever read in any breed book. The chapter on training the dog to work stock has worthwhile information that any herding breed owner might appreciate. And the chapters on stock dog trials, obedience trials and conformation shows contain real gems - a set of guidelines for putting on each of these events with lists of needed personnel and equipment, something many clubs might find helpful. And the section on genetics is outstanding. What the heck, let’s just say this is a very complete, terrific book, well-illustrated with a lot of positively delightful photographs! In addition to the chapters mentioned, the author covers the history of the breed, the standard, Frisbee training, breeding, reproduction, raising pups, general care, grooming, nutrition, first aid, diseases and the aging Aussie. All are packed with good, solid information. - AJB


National Stock Dog Magazine, Fall 1985:


"All About Aussies" - It really is!


We’ve just received a book that’s sure to be on the Christmas list of everyone who loves Australian Shepherds. It’s All About Aussies, and it’s magnificent!


It was written by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle, who is certainly no stranger to NSD readers. You’ve enjoyed her articles in NSD…just imagine curling up to the fire on a cold winter night with your Aussie by your feet with All About Aussies!


The book covers everything from whelping to caring for the arthritic aging Aussie. This is a book no stock dog handler should be without. We highly recommend it. - J. R. Russell

 Dog World, July 1986:

When I read a breed book, I want it to be a well-written, in-depth look at the breed I am interested in. A breed book should be well-researched, thoughtful exploration of the unique qualities of a specific type of dog.


Luckily, the following selection of 1985 breed books provides just that. Jeanne Joy Hartnagle's All About Aussies follows a format similar to Sheltie Talk (which seems to be standard for Alpine books lately): no junk filler, just concrete information on the breed. Australian Shepherds are not an AKC-registered breed, but their popularity is growing rapidly and people have nothing but good things to say about them. This extraordinarily talented breed is perfect for the energetic owner who likes action. The book has a great chapter on Frisbee® competitions, as well as historical chapters, comments on nutrition, obedience, stockdog trials and more. The book is nicely written; I highly recommend it.


I sincerely hope this crop of breed books isn't just a handful of exceptions, but an indication of a trend toward excellence. That's a trend every dog lover would benefit from. - Job Michael Evans

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